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Fire with fire..... higher and higher

Date:June 30, 2015 | Watching: Liv & Maddie

I finally decided to update! I was planning to do it a bit earlier but there were a few things that came up hah! So anyway umm things haven't been so great at work. We all finally found out who our new manager is & tbh no one wants her here. I don't know her enough to say that I don't "officially" like her but we'll have to see how it goes this week. But anyway there were a few things that were updated! Including the cutouts which there isn't a lot of but I'm working on it. You can check out what else has been updated by looking at the updates box! I hope you all enjoy the site & thank you all so much for reading/visiting! :*
-xoxo jen

Bellalicious.... I blow kisses

Date:June 19, 2015 | Listening to: Fergalicious - Fergie (2006 album)

Hey babies! This be your admin, Jen. Just opened up this new site for you guys to enjoy! <3 I would have opened up earlier but work has been really kicking my ass. I've worked everyday for a whole month with only a few days off. I honestly love my job tho! Other than work I've had nothing else going on in my life. Thanks for everyone who has read this little shitty paragraph. I'll try my best to update the site <3 Hope you all enjoy the new stuff :D
-xoxo jen